I’m a designer that cares about the problems I solve, the people I work with, and the end user’s experience. I have a relentless curiosity for the world around me which is great for sharpening both my What If’s… and my WTF’s. I’ve worked internationally and with cross functional global teams, from a tiny seven person start-up comic publisher when I was based in London to a huge global powerhouse in the casino and gaming industry based in Chicago. Those experiences have given me the resources to figure out a solution to just about anything. There is no “this can’t be done” in my book, there is only “let’s figure this out!”

I am also the Mentor Program Chair on the board of directors for AIGA Chicago. I believe that there is always more to learn, and ANYONE can teach me something no matter what their age, experience, or title is. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and say “hey”. 
I can’t wait to do some awesome work together!

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